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July 24, 2019

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Battle Royale Warzone is a game designed for mobile for everyone to play! Jump into matches that only take about 4 minutes with up to 30 players per battle. Parachute your way down into the battle zone area and quickly locate a weapon to help eliminate your enemies! Play on a huge map designed by hand for the most fun experience! The map has areas to hideout or hide in the maze. Whatever your strategy, this game allows you to play your strategy with your own strengths. No purchasables will affect the game play experience so each player must use their own skill to win. Players are matched appropriately with others for the best possible game play experience in a mobile game. Play and unlock customizable content like new characters or upgrades. Gain XP while playing and level up your skill. Super easy controls and a fun low poly art design for great game play even fun, quirky experiences that you won't want to put down.



  • Real-time 30-person matches online over various servers in global regions.
  • Tons of unlock-able characters and character upgrades that will make you stand out.
  • Huge custom hand crafted map to explore and learn.
  • Supply drops with even more powerful weapons.
  • Shrinking zone for fun and fast games.


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About RedZone Studios LLC

RedZone Studios LLC is an independent game studio from IL, USA founded by Jeff King. My focus has been developing casual games, mobile games and virtual reality games. We like to build systems and develop fun and innovative experiences.

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Battle Royale Warzone Credits

Jeff King
Game Developer and Game Designer

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